Re: U2518D, tearing, stuttering

DELL_U2518D_FW Update_M2T103_Windows_Signed.exe
Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Fixes =
- Optimize HDR color
- Resolve no output issue when RS2 HDR on and QHD (2560x1440) is selected on Alienware Aurora-R6 + GTX1070
- Resolve DC Off/On monitor causing HDCP error message while playing BluRay disc with default media player on Latitude 3380
- Resolve issue when monitor is set to sleep, warning window (No DP signal) keeps popping up on Venue 8 Pro 5855 Type C to DP) on Intel HD Graphics
- Resolve issue when set monitor to sleep and when monitor is woken up, the monitor will be flashing on XPS 9360 + WD15 on Intel HD Graphics 620

I do not see any instructions on the driver page. My advice, before running this firmware update =
* If using a daisy chain setup, disconnect the second monitor. Only have the single U2518D connected to the computer which is installing the firmware update
* Connect the U2518D to the computer via the USB upstream cable and one video cable so that you can still see the Windows desktop
* Disconnect all USB peripherals (mouse, keyboard, HDD) from the U2518D side and bottom USB downstream ports
* Those USB peripherals (mouse, keyboard) should be plugged directly into the computer
* Disable any antivirus software
* Reset the U2518D to Factory Default settings in the OSD (On Screen Display) -Others
* Download/save the U2518D firmware update to the Windows desktop
* Run it and it will ask "where to unzip"
* Click the yellow folder on the right
* Click Desktop
* Click OK
* You will see, "C:\Users\user\Desktop"
* Add \FW to the end of that line, "C:\Users\user\Desktop\FW"
* Click OK
* Open the FW folder on the Windows desktop
* Open the Firmware Update Instruction.pdf
* Review this PDF before running "MonitorFirmwareUpdateUtility.exe"

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