Re: P2715Q, Refresh rate only 30Hz at 4K


As shown in the P2715Q User's Guide, page 34. First, check the MST setting.


* Press the P2715Q Menu button to launch the OSD (On Screen Display)
* Go to Display
* MST should be set to Off
* Exit the Menu


If MST was already set to "Off"in the P2715Q Menu...

* Turn the Precision T7500 off
* Turn all four monitors off
* Disconnect both E228WFP from the Quadro 600
* Disconnect the U2713HM from the Quadro 4000
* This leaves only the P2715Q connected to the Quadro 4000
* Turn the P2715Q on, then the Precision T7500

In this single monitor setup with MST Off, can you do 3840x2160 60Hz?


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