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RE: U2412m keeps going into power save mode on Display Port!

We have over 300 Computers and had lots of this displayport Problems. After hunderts of hours we use only DP-to-DVI Cable or DP-to-DVI Adapters with normal DVI-Cable. Because the best certified cable without the pin20 (used for power the DP-Adapters) also doesn't work for long time. If we use 10 identical Computers (same OS Image) and 10 identical Monitors with the best professional dp-cable, we had the problems on 6 of this 10 stations > No Picture after Boot or only after 3-5 Minutes oder sometimes we lose the Picture after weeks of work without Problems. We also tried BIOS, GPU-Drivers, Monitor-Drivers, other Cable, other Display, other Computers. It's the combination of all, that brings the problem.

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