U2715H, vertical line, misaligned fast charge USB port


I bought this monitor a few years ago. The fast charge USB port on the back of it has never been usable. Only half of the port is visible so it looks like the circuit inside is not aligned with the hole in the casing. I decided that it was not worth returning as I was happy with the picture quality and did not want to start a lottery of having replacements sent that may have been worse.

Cut forward to a few months ago and a vertical line had appeared about 20% from the right of the screen, extending down about an inch. Initially, I could just apply a small amount of pressure using a cloth and the pixels would start working again, but this no longer works.

I disconnected everything from the monitor and ran the button 1+4 test and this seems to show that the red LED's along the line have failed. Blue and green screens showed no problems, but the problem was really obvious on the red.

Any idea where I stand with this? I suspect I am a couple of months over the warranty, is there anything that can be done for products just outside the warranty period?

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