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Re: U2413 Calibration DisplayCal/ArgyllCMS MacOS

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OSX 10bit = yes, but you need newer models with AMD cards like iMac P3 5k or some of the new macbooks with radeons. These cards could perform even GPU (traditional "non hardware" calibration) without banding. Apple did the good move choosing AMD cards. Of course PC people have that since a lot of years ago.

AFAIK limited support from vendors is strill true. AFAIK U2413 HW cal with OSX DUCCS is not supported, only for newer models. Ask dell why.

If you want D65 white, sRGB gamut and 2.2 gamma then... just select "custom xy" in DUCCS, go to wikipedia, copy xy coordinates of sRGB primaries, select D65 white and 2.2 gamma.
Although LR and PS are color managed, LR/CamaraRaw "raw to color coordinates, then to display gamut" it's done at whatever gamut your display has in a given configuration (like CAL1/CAL2). This means that if you work in a RAW in LR with U2413 native gamut with lots of saturated color like flowers or some plastics, when you export to sRGB your image you may get some "changes".
If all your work is done in sRGB, just use some CAL1 calibrated to sRGB (or sRGB-like with 2.2 gamma) like I've explained and you'll get WYSIWYG.

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