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Re: U2413 Calibration DisplayCal/ArgyllCMS MacOS

If you want native gamut, upgrade to DUCCS 1.6.5. We got an usable native preset at last.
No need to measure xy native coordinates. It is true native gamut, I've seen identity matrix on DUCCS log sent to my U2413.

One more thing, these dells have no LUT3D. They use LUT-matrix-LUT for calibration which is a cheaper calibration solution that allows gamut emulation like sRGB or AdobeRGB.
1st LUT "de encode" values from gramma encoded to linear, matrix make gamut emulation, 2nd LUT reencode values to a gamma and also makes gray calibration and whitepoint.
They are akin to CS series from Eizo, or the other ultralowcost widegamut monitors like the ones from HP, Benq and such manufacturers.
True LUT3Ds are found in NEC PAs and some higher end Eizo CG.