U3415W, reseller, wavy static stripes

1. The monitor was purchased on a German site computeruniverse. Purchase date 25/08/2016.

2. A few days ago strange wavy lines appeared on the monitor. They are very noticeable when the monitor shows gray. The monitor did'nt fall and didn't receive physical damage.

What i tried - update and factory reset of firmware, changed the cables, Self-test, BID. Aso I am currently waiting for a response from german technical support, but another problem is that I live in another country (so also i need help with the transfer of the warranty to another country).

3. i7 6700k, Win 10, GTX 1080ti (miniDP). PC gtx DP out port > U3415w DP to miniDP cable1.jpgIMG_0419.JPGIMG_0425.JPGIMG_0432.JPGIMG_0435.JPGBID test grayIMG_0417.JPG

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