U3415W, reseller, wavy static stripes

1. The monitor was purchased on a German site computeruniverse. Purchase date 25/08/2016.

2. A few days ago strange wavy lines appeared on the monitor. They are very noticeable when the monitor shows gray. The monitor did'nt fall and didn't receive physical damage.

What i tried - update and factory reset of firmware, changed the cables, Self-test, BID. Aso I am currently waiting for a response from german technical support, but another problem is that I live in another country (so also i need help with the transfer of the warranty to another country).

3. i7 6700k, Win 10, GTX 1080ti (miniDP). PC gtx DP out port > U3415w DP to miniDP cable1.jpgIMG_0419.JPGIMG_0425.JPGIMG_0432.JPGIMG_0435.JPGBID test grayIMG_0417.JPG

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Re: U3415W, reseller, wavy static stripes

Click my DELL-username and via private message, send me the monitor service tag number, 20 digit serial number, A0x revision number. See the back label.


Using the above data, I can see the build date, warranty status in our system, etc. We on the USA Forum cannot facilitate the service tag ownership transfer. Only Dell Germany can do this. The smearing is the yogore/mura defect and it cannot be fixed or repaired by Dell.