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Re: New G2410 Won't Power On After Being Powered Off for Some Time

Looks like this fizzled out with no resolution. I should have got back with my machine details (at the time Windows 7 x64 & ATi 4870 I think, and connected via a Aten 1782 KVM switch) but I purchased a new PC and found that I didn't have this problem with the new one. Maybe the fact it only affected some video cards is why more people didn't report this issue?

I'd still like to know if there was ever a fix or official solution though? I'm now in the process of selling my G2410 and have detailed the problem on my auction page (I don't want to misinform buyers), so it looks like this problem could end up with me forfeiting a bit of money. And if there is a fix (or explanation) I'd like to pass it on the next user of my G2410 in case they have this problem.

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