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Re: U2410 Green/Pink Failure Analysis

I am in the market for three 24" displays.  Over several days of reading reviews on technical sites I hoped that the often mentioned Pink / Green tint problem appeared in early models but would have been corrected by now. As a long time Dell customer, I realize these forums tend to attract people who have problems with a product while thousands are quietly satisfied.  That said, I am disappointed and frankly surprised that Dell has not corrected an obvious quality problem that is frustrating a large number of customers and causing an even larger number of potential buyers to shy away from this product.

I really tried to talk myself into buying three of these but it sounds like a complete crap shoot whether you happen to get lucky.  And if you do have a bad monitor, it's going to cost money to roll the dice again until you either get lucky or give up.  I'll keep looking.

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