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Re: U2410 Green/Pink Failure Analysis

I finally found my password for this site. I kept getting error msgs when attempting to change the lost password - way to go Dell.  

I don't know if this will get deleted or not, but, after a bad experience with my last Dell tower (17" monitor worked well for years), I went with a Digital Storm rig (i7-950 @ 3.9 on air/GTX 480/6g DDR3/Intel SSD/Auzen X-Fi Forte 7.1/HAF 932).  I was going to go with the Dell 24" monitor, but, after too much bad press on the tinting and return poilicy issues, I opted for a HP ZR24w.  Nearly a year and no problems with the monitor or the rig.

P.S. - I play a lot of CivV and Battlefield.  

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