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Re: HDMI to U2711

Read this.

Its applies to HDMI as well, Not sure what spec my lead is but I tried 3of them. Instead I had to connect my laptop to a HDMI - DVI adapter to run max res using a problem HDMI lead. It's working perfectly (at the moment) I will have to see if there are any changes tomorrow as they were on HDMI, day 2, today. My sky box runs through HDMI at 1080i with no issued.

I'm running an XPS M1530 with a nVidia 8600 GTM.

I've had so many issues including 2 hours of research yesterday just to get max res to work through creating a custom resolution.

If there are any further issues it's going back, I'm not waiting 1 year for it to act up like some people came across in the thread.


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