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U2410 - Flickering - PSM - Pixel Noise


I have a U2410 hooked up to a Mac Pro 2009 with an ATI Radeon HD 4870. The monitor is nearly one year old now. When I just bought it I noticed a few times that the screen would simply become all scrambled (noise) just like a TV set would without any signal (e.g: http://3critical.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/whitespace.jpg). It only did it 3 or 4 times and only lasted a second or so, so I really didn't pay much attention thinking that the problem was a loose cable. Since then it never happened again. 

The issue started appearing again a few days ago but this time something else is happening. The screen starts flickering randomly and usually it happens after some time the monitor has been in use. Prior to the flickering I can notice on black backgrounds some red pixels flashing randomly all over the screen and then boom suddenly the screen goes to PSM then immediately wakes up then back to PSM. Sometimes this flashing/flickering/PSM can run in a loop which simply cuts me out from seeing anything on the screen. I tried turning the monitor off then back on but that didn't work. Once I even had to disconnect all cables and put them back in but nothing worked so I had to hard reboot the computer. During the reboot process (where you see the Apple on a grey background) the flickering started happening again. Some times this flickering issue goes away without any reason whatsoever and it doesn't come back till the next day.

This has been happening rather regularly for the last 3 days at some point of the day. I am unable to reproduce this problem and I am not quite sure if it is a hardware of software issue. I have tried several things such as turning everything off, un-pluging the monitor, running the built-in diagnostic, resetting to factory the monitor but it doesn't seem to help. I will try to record this issue with my camera if it happens again but I can hardly tell when since it's so random.

Any advise would be appreciated. If it can be solved in-house I would prefer it since the screen has no dead pixel and I don't want to risk any flawed refurbished monitor.

Thanks to all for your responses.

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