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Re: Dell ST2220T with Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Thanks for your patience Chis - I do appreciate it.

nVidia have just released a Win 8-specific driver for my GT 220.

That PLUS ST2220T Win 7 Driver PLUS fiddling with "Calibration" have given me a workable set up.

Win 8 has 3 new (compare Win7) Swipes:

_Swipe from Top Downward (App Menus) - this works quite well.

_Swipe from Right (Charms) - Works quite well.

_Swipe from Left (App thumbnails) - works but temperamental - The problem is the Bezel.

Through practice, I have got an "educated finger" (No not THAT finger 🙂 )

I'm sure that all these could be addressed by building a "2-3mm edge bias" into the driver.

Thanks for the site reference,



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