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Dual screen set-up problems

I have a Dell Vostro PC. The on-board video output is VGA.  I want to extend the desktop across 2 monitors.  So I bought another Dell monitor (IN1930) to go with my existing Dell monitor (E177FPB).  I also bought a (Radeon) PowerColor HD 5450 512MB DDR2 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E Graphics Card. The card has VGA, DVI-I and HDMI output sockets.  If either monitor is plugged into the VGA output socket they work fine.  However, if either monitor is plugged into the DVI output socket using a DVI/VGA passive adaptor the monitors do not work although they do detect something because they don't go into sleep mode.

My understanding from wikipedia ( is that DVI-I outputs analogue signals suitable for a VGA monitor if an adaptor is used. So why aren't they working?  I have sent the card back to the distributer and they have checked it and say it is fine.

All help gratefully received.

Thank you. 

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