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Inspiron 5110 and SE198WFP resolution mismatch

Last month I purchased a new Inspiron 5110 i3 laptop.  When connecting it to my old SE198WFP monitor there appears to be a mismatch in screen resolution.  I am using the monitor's DVI input and the laptop's HDMI output.  The monitor's self-preferred resolution is 1440 X 900, but the laptop resolution will go no higher than 1366 X 768.  The result is black bars across the top and bottom of the monitor screen (the laptop screen is fine).  My 5110 has Intel HD graphics; I have downloaded what appears to be the latest graphics driver from the Dell support website, and the driver shown for the monitor in Device Manager appears to be that driver (4/27/2011).

Is there any way I can increase the laptop resolution - or decrease the monitor resolution - to eliminate these black bars?  Because the input to the monitor is digital, I cannot adjust the image or positioning on the monitor.

Thanks for any suggestions.



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