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Re: Inspiron 5110 and SE198WFP resolution mismatch

Thank you very much, Manpreet.  I did not know about the Ctrl+Alt+F12 function.  After I wrote my original email, the problem "solved itself" when I stopped the laptop screen and only used the monitor (Fn+F1).  When I did that, somehow the monitor switched itself to 1440 X 900 resolution, where it remains.  I have checked via Ctrl+Alt+F12 and 1440 X 900 is the resolution listed.

What has also changed, though, is that when I put the laptop to "sleep", the monitor remains on.  When the monitor was connected to the laptop through a VGA cable, when I put the laptop to sleep, the monitor's power saving mode automatically started (i.e., the monitor power light switched from blue to orange and the Dell sound bar attached to the monitor shut down as well).  When I "woke up" the laptop, the monitor and sound bar automatically came on as well. 

Does the monitor no longer power off in sleep mode because the connection is digital?  Thank you.

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