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Dell ST2320L HDMI audio suddenly stops during playing.


        I have Dell ST2320L Monitor. But lately I am facing a problem with this monitor on HDMI port.

I am using HDMI and DVI-D on Dell ST2320L. With HDMI I have attached xbox and with DVI-D my notebook.


It was working fine but now when I use HDMI input, after some time audio through HDMI suddenly stops/mutes.

Trouble Shooting: 

I removed the hdmi cable jack and repluged it on both sides of the cable and change the cable phases but no use.

Currently Solution:

Currently I able to work the audio if it stops/mute during playing on xbox by switching off the monitor and then on the monitor. This way audio comes back but some times it stops again after some time so I do again switch off and on the monitor.


Well that is the reason I am posting on dell forum so that I can get some support/help on this problem to solve this issue.


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