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Re: U2713H Card Reader Not Working.

Chris, do you have powers to authorize a new monitor to other countries (e.g. UK) and do you have an internal employee number, email address or such like that would allow other Dell employees to easily contact you?

If so, I'm guessing a pretty straightforward way for people who are struggling with the support team, would be to ask them to contact Chris Mixon, Round Rock, Texas (just click on your profile pic for this info) for authorization to get the new monitor?

As you know, I have just purchased the U2713H and have a problem with sound line-out on another thread

(en.community.dell.com/.../19503875.aspx).... I appreciate all your help there by the way!  As a result I haven't had a chance to verify USB3.0 and Card Reader are working as they should be. As I have a revision A00 I'm not holding out much hope but will hopefully get a chance to verify later. If they are also not working, I'm guessing a swap-out may be best and hopefully this will solve all problems.

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