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I have many U2410 (about 150 at the moment) on the site where I am working.

About half of them on Linux CentOS and the other half on Win7.

Recently I had 3 monitors with the same USB HUB issue (2 on linux, 1 on windows)

If they closes their monitors they lose connection from the HUB to the computer, so perifirials pluged in do not work anymore (unless they reboot the computer).

Every single one of thoses setup (150 / 150) is plugged the same way (Keyboard and mouse in the USB at the back) and every single HUB is connected to the computer using the cable provided by DELL in the U2410 box.

Is the HUB not "technically" suposed to be used that way on a U2410 and i'm lucky that only 2-3 / 150 doesnt work, or are they broken and should be reaplaced ?

Thank you in advance for your help and support


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