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Re: U2410 USB HUB

Sorry, in my opinion but this is simply not true -- at least, not on my monitor.  When the monitor is turned off, the USB ports remain ON.  When the monitor is turned ON, the USB ports are powered off and reinitialized.  I do not see any possible use or benefit for this.
Additionally, you are quite adamant that keyboards and mice should not be plugged into a monitor. The monitor is a perfect hub for plugging in a keyboard and mouse -- connect a laptop to the monitor, connect the monitor's USB source connector to the laptop, and voila, you have a workstation.  Plugging in each device into a laptop separately is cumbersome and wastes USB ports that are scarce on many modern laptops.  Additionally, the monitor has two USB ports that are effectively unreachable under day-to-day use.  They are clearly intended for USB devices that one will not unplug often, such as a keyboard and a mouse.  Moreover, keyboards and mice are low-bandwidth devices, making them ideal for sharing a hub with each other and with other devices.
However, if I were to abide by your suggestion that the keyboard and mouse should never be plugged into the monitor's USB ports, what is it that should actually go in them?  I can't think of a single USB device that i'd be happy with resetting automatically any time I power cycle the monitor, much less when I accidentally press the prominent power button with my arm while reaching for something on my desk or adjusting the stand (which happens often).  Compact flash readers are perfect candidates for use in the side of a monitor, but if accidentally powering off the monitor may result in data (or, worse, fat32 filesystem) corruption, then I clearly can't use it for this purpose, either.