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Re: U2713h same problem like on U2413 :-(

I now waiting what show ASUS with their upcoming PA249Q (based on same LG. Display LCD panel with GB-LED backlighting). If I know correctly, ASUS uses overdrive (marketing called Trace-Free) with selectable levels (0 to 100%). They know that not everyone likes overdrive (which causes inverse ghosting)... So if Dell fix nothing, this is maybe the right choice!... And ASUS pixel faults policy is same like Dell! 

Dell...your time is running out emoticon.Cool.title But I still hope for fix it (do same thing - add option overdrive ON/OFF)!

U2413/2713h may be the one of the best displays for this year. But the bad overdrive it kills them and that is sad. emoticon.Crying.title A lot of people will be unhappy like me.


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