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Re: U2713h same problem like on U2413 :-(

It was too late to cancel my order for the U2413, but this overdrive nonsense is like a step backwards in technology. My order arrives this Monday, and it will be promptly returned the next day. I've seen this issue on the S2740L, and if it's the same here, I'm switching brands, probably to the HP line. Maybe when the company is taken private again, Dell Exec's will start actually listening to it's remaining customers. Given a clue, we are telling you as paying customers what the problems are. We don't need another website to give "ideas" -- You had great monitors in the past like the 2005FPW, and now you have this model which is clearly suffering from a particular setting that should have the ability to be turned off by the user. This is like not having the option to adjust brightness/contrast. This is not like software, where you can provide a beta product and make the updates to make it production quality over the course of a few months that's cost effective and easy to manage by users. This is hardware, and should be perfect out-the-door. Any reasonable individual testing these monitors would have caught the issues with the U2410 within a few hours and corrected the line. The same here with the U2413. LG recently made the change with their Nexus 4 phone after complaints about it. Why can't you. This is so terribly obvious that I wonder what in the world is going on with Dell.

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