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Re: u2413 Is there any way to turn off RTC?

Oh no ... really? It's happening on this monitor too? I have the Dell 2740L as well which has this issue and I thought it wouldn't happen to this model. It's really bad on  the 2740L, and Dobr and nokey (another post thread) captured the exact way it shows up in photos on the U2413. I just placed the order for it today [Dell U2413], I think I will cancel it now. What shame, I planned on using this side-by-side with my Dell 2005FPW. FYI: I had the 2410 -- returned that in a week, I had bluish tinting and horrible AG coating. It's like ever since they moved away from Samsung to LG, their monitors have gone from good, to bad, to worse. You're right, doesn't ANYONE actually take the time to sit in front of the monitor and see how it works? Terrible. Absolutely terrible.

Are there any plans to have an on/off overdrive option? I'd like to know so I cancel or keep this pending order. Thanks.

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