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Re: u2413 Is there any way to turn off RTC?

I was looking to buy a couple of high-end Dell 24" UltraSharp monitors, but after some casual Internet research, looks like the new u2413 is off my short list. This is not some entry-level monitor ... the u2413 is suppose to be the best 24" monitor that Dell can make.

So that everyone knows what we are talking about:

Initial reviews of the new 2013 top-of-the-line 24" UltraSharp monitor are poor. People are complaining of OverDriven images and inverse ghosting. This "u2410 replacement" should be able to handle fast images (movie editing and playback, CAD animation, game development and testing) as least as good as the u2410.

See Detailed Review here:

Some of this is pretty technical. Search article for keywords: RTC, motion blur, overshoot, overdrive, Responsiveness and Gaming


Hopefully, these issues can be resolved. It seems that the RTC algorithm needs adjusting. Other monitor manufacturers give some user control of RTC (either on/off or variable percentage). If and when a new Revision Level is released, I suggest the Dell reach out the TFTCentral and others so they can re-test and update their reviews.

More Links from casual Internet search:

User Kundica returned their's due to poor display uniformity and connectivity.


Looks like the below thread got locked (but see Nokey's examples there).


This one is still unlocked. Shared u2413 and u2713h data should probably go here


See Customer (sales page) reviews here:

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

If I find any more u2413 specific data, I will edit this post or post it in this thread. Last edit 3-29-2013.

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