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Re: u2413 Is there any way to turn off RTC?

OK, I got mine today -- it's Rev A01, and unlike the inverse ghosting on my S2740L (the text when scrolling on a web page becomes "crinkly", the text and all images have this bluish/cyan tint to them above/below -- e.g., when you scroll down, there is this bluish/cyan tint underneath the text/image -- scroll-up, there is bluish/cyan tint above. My 2405FPW (my mistake from before, I don't have the 2005FPW, I have the 2405FPW) doesn't do this. Another really annoying thing about this monitor is when watching video, the entire screen shifts brightness/contrast (or color temp, can't really tell) from my setting to a darker setting. My current setup is DisplayPort to GTX 680 / sRGB. I'm going to play with this for a few days and see how things go. I will say this though, the AG coating is perfect, 1000x better than the U2410 and actually better than my 2405FPW.

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