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Re: Driver for Monitor e248wfp

* Open the Device Manager

* Click the icon left of Monitors

* Double click the monitor listed

Threr two same Generic PnP Monitor icon

* Click the Driver tab

I Click one Generic PnP Monitor icon,

* Click the Update Driver button

* Click No, not at this time

Can not file driver of E248wfp

* Click Next

* Dot Install from a list or specific location

* Click Next

* Click Don't search. I will choose the driver to install

Can not file file of E248wfp

* Click Next

* Click Have Disk

* Click Browse and navigate to where the monitor files are now

Can not file file of E248wfp

* Click the monitor inf file

* Click Open

* Click OK

* Click Next

* Click Finish

* Now the Device Manager- Monitors should show your monitor

sorry, I did not able to install monitor E248WFP.

Neet more help

Do I download the right file for monitor E248WFP?

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