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RE: What is the latest Firmware version shipping for the U3014 monitor in Canada?


If what you state is true (I imagine you are correct), why is India all over the map on this answer? I phoned again today and they insisted that the revision number shipping is A.05 and that I could trust them. (even from their supervisor) They certainly need training over there, it is horrible tech support/presales. They also keep mentioning that I am wrong and that the U3011 models were A.03 and the newer U3014 models went on to being A.04 and then A.05. 

Anyway, all I am trying to point out is the utter confusion one has when trying to buy one of these monitors... I want to give Dell my money but I do need some of the issues fixed before I make my purchase.

As a suggestion it would be great to see what firmware revisions people are buying right at the time of ordering. This would eliminate so much confusion. Also it would be great to see an updated list with every revision stating what was fixed/upgraded since the last version. -- These 2 things would make it far easier to make a confident purchase.


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