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Fuzzy text on 1901 FP

Why is the text so fuzzy and unreadable on this new monitor? If this cannot be adjusted, I'll be sending it back. I am typing this on my old Dell 17" Trinitron. It is such a relief to not have to strain to read fuzzy text! The text is clear and crisp on this Trintron.

On my favorite website DSLreports where I spend 80% of my time, the text on the forums list for the date is very pale so it is barely readable on the new 1901. It has white shimmer behind the letters. Some letters are extremely fuzzy shaped like the letter W. The areas there where the text is larger such as the titles of the threads is clear. It is only the small text that is wobbly looking and pale with no proper contrast.

On my Trinitron, all text, including small text is crisp, sharp, clear and has proper contrast. This is especially true when running presentation mode.

I have both monitors on the same web site for comparison and both are using Mozilla 1.5 set at text zoom of 120% for the Trintron (as its resolution is set at 1024x768) and text zoom of 150% for the 1901 (as its resolution is set to 1280x1024.

Such things as the "display properties box is also awful on the 1901. The text is wobbly and faint. On my Trintron, the same box displays with dark black text that is clear and crisp.

Why would Dell sell such a monitor where it is impossible to read with it? That is what I do! I live in the technical support forums at DSLreports and so I need clear text...not a sharp pretty screensaver! I do think that photos display better on the 1910. I don't have a computer though to use as a tv or to watch DVD or to look at photos. I have a computer for internet forums mainly.
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