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Re: Fuzzy text on 1901 FP

I guess you didn't believe Tom when he told you it is not supposed to look like that. Trust me we wouldn't be raving about our 1900s and 1901s if they all had text problems. Mine is so crisp and clear that I don't bother turning on my CRT even though it is hooked up as a second monitor. It just pales in comparison to the LCD.

Tom pretty much touched all the bases as far as troubleshooting, I just wanted to let you know your 1901 is not supposed to look like it does. I don't care if the next 5 LCDs they send you have text problems, it is not the way a properly working one looks.

Here is a screenshot of mine. The artifacts around the letters are due to the jpg compression, the monitor does not display those. Also the funky colors overlayed are something caught by the camera, not visible to the naked eye.


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