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RE: New U3014 Rev03 received!


The U3014 is advertised as an Ultrasharp professional monitor with a steep price to match.  It's 27 inch brother, the U2713H, has the same LED technology and identical specs, except for the screen size.  The two U2713H's I have worked with DO NOT have any back light bleed over! 

I bought a U3014 back in June of 2013 because of the excellent picture on the U2713H!  I do HDTV editing and the U3014 bleed over kills it for me.  You can not calibrate a screen that radically changes brightness from the center to the edges of the screen.  The Dell Tech Support replacement was worse than the first one.  Since it was within 30 days, I returned it and got my $1200 back from Dell.

If you want to see the problem, check the photos shown here of the bleed over of the U3014 compared from my five year old 3008WFT monitor: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/psnmgxmdq43x3q4/qw8wW9tS3S   I know Dell made good 30 inch monitors before.  Maybe, with enough people posting their experiences, the Dell product manager will solve the U3014 bleed over problem. 

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