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RE: UP3214Q - no picture after powering off the device / half picture at the login screen

I presume when you write 4K2K you mean 3840x2160 @60Hz, correct? 

And I presume tiled mode means what I've suspected all along.. the display acts like two 1920x2160 screens that are "stitched together" somehow to firm one single 3840x2160 screen (and since the subscreens do 60Hz, so does the full thing) - and with the intel IGP that "stitching together" is not working (hence my two separate screens). If that's the case, who is responsible for the "stitching together" part? Is that a driver (Screen or Display) or is that done on a lower level (GFX card BIOS vs logic residing inside the screen)? And I presume Dell uses the same approach to get 60Hz as does Sharp (the way Sharp does it is explained here: - that article also has quite a few interesting tidbits, and has me wondering if the Dell display also needs that upcoming firmware upgrade for the controller that the article talks about).

Depending on where that stitching together is being done, if the GFX card BIOS has anything to do with it, it could help explain why we're seeing different results as everybody who posted so far has a different card.

What's the issue with intel's Haswell? Every article leading up to the launch boasted 4K support, and according to this graphic (, the iGP should be able to drive even 2 displays at 4K2K@60 (not sure what that 1 chip / 2 chip column means though).- looking through the intel forum I just found this though which may be relevant to my NUC: - apparently the drivers aren't quite there yet.

Given all that you have posted - shouldn't a big fat warning be posted on the product page of the screen to tell people to check their hardware before buying? Intel 4th gen IGP claims 4K2K support, yet it seems at present that's a nogo. AMD Radeon 6000 series should technically support it (results are mixed as I saw, one driver/os combo worked out, another was a failure), and the number of supported nVidia chipsets is also limited.

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