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RE: UP3214Q - no picture after powering off the device / half picture at the login screen

Chris, Thanks for taking the time to reply.  I had read the review of 4k from Puget Systems.  Tom's Hardware had a Sept 19th "Gaming at 3840x2160" review too that I just read (,3620.html).  

I am not having the POST problem that is mentioned in the Puget post (even though I am using an ASUS main board).  I suspect that what I have must have been fixed by now.

Just to restate some of what I had above and with some clarity / augmentation:

  1. I always have the 1/2 screen experience when I am at the Windows Logon screen the first time.  If I log out and then back in, I don't see this.  This is what makes me wonder about how MST is initialized.
  2. I never have any problem seeing the BIOS/POST screens or the screen that windows displays when it is booting - and it is not 1/2 or odd looking.  Kudos somewhere for getting this right because this is a problem that seems to be mentioned in multiple places for the Asus 4k and Sharp 4k monitors. ( for example)

I am really perplexed that Dell (based on the test configuration above) did not ever see the 1/2 screen issues - something doesn't seem right.

I can live with the 1/2 screen stuff on initial logon - what is more frustrating though is when the monitor simply will not detect any signal on the display port after the system sleeps, or, sometimes when coming out of a game.  As mentioned above, this is a bit more rare.

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