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RE: UP3214Q - no picture after powering off the device / half picture at the login screen

Finally took to oppertunity and bought this monitor and, its awesome, no more troubles with not working AA, just some small smaa and eveything is razor sharp and alias free in games Smiley Happy

But,.. I also have some problems, sometimes the resolution reverts back to 1920x2160 after a reboot (one screen? it is eyefinety in theory). Switching on and off the power to the screen seems to help, not alway's, sometimes several attempts are needed, although the desktop seems to be reorganized. Also some games run only in weird resolutions, (Tombraider, DeusEx HR, and Hitman for example). The images in these games are stetched, others just just play's in a halfscreen? Some suggestions? I have GPU scaling on in catalyst settings and set keep full screen ticked on, is this the correct setting? Also set displayport on 1.2 in OSD.
Also another weird thing, the provided DP to MDP cable won't work, screen goes into sleep mode (no signal?). I use another DP to DP cable.
I have two R9 290X's in CF,  with cat. 13.12 whql (and you need themSmiley Happy)
I hope it's due immaturity of the GPU drivers drivers and win 8.1, because it's by far the best screen I've ever seen.
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