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RE: UP3214Q/UP2414Q - 1/2 screen issue and/or No picture after powering off, then on

I can also report that the 344.11 drivers still have the standby issue - at least on the A00 screen. The behavior varies a little though - display sleep (not power off) can get you the proper picture when you bring it back alive, bot other times, you get two non matching halves. I even got one where 2/3 of the screen were okay, and the remaining third was duplicated (two cursors, and every taskbar icon was there twice).

I can't say for the A01 as it developed a defect. NVIDIA recommends to get the A01 though. I hope that exchange works better in the US than over here in Europe where they keep trying to get people to keep the A00 and just install various NVIDIA drivers until something sticks.

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