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U2414H, does not display in full area of screen, black bars

NEW U2414H monitor, connected to Dell XPS 8300 PC with HDMI cable. OS is Windows 7 Home Premium. Resolution is set at maximum (1920 x 1080). The display is sharp and excellent color, but there is a black band all the way round [of 0.5 inch (top & bottom) and 0.75 inch (sides) portrait] - so in effect the total display area is only about 85% of maximum. I have looked through this Forum and on Google and people write about a need to make changes to the Catalyst Control Center, by right clicking on the desktop. I try this but clicking on CCC produces no result -- the MS hourglass shows for 10 seconds, then nothing. Further research produced information about a need to download MS Network 4 and then further software in order to makes changes to the video card, and this is going much too far for my comfort or confidence. What can I do to get full screen?

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