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RE: U2414H Does not display in full area of screen

Thank you very much indeed.  I will follow these suggestions. However, may I ask a few questions first so that I know what I am doing:

1. What is the (safe/best) location from which I can download the latest MS .NET --- Is this .NET4 ?

2. How do I find out which is the AMD driver for my video card? (According to the documents provided by Dell with the XPS8300, the graphics are: AMD Radeon HD 6670)

3. Where do I get the suggested AMD driver for the video card?

4. Where is the existing AMD driver currently installed? What is the difference between this and the newly downloaded AMD driver? What difference will installing the new one make?

5. When I have followed all the suggestions with respect to Microsoft.NET and the AMD driver and re-started my PC, will this solve the screen display issue, or are there further procedures to follow? If so, can you let me know what they are?

Many thanks for your kind assistance.

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