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UP2414Q has issues waking up from sleep

I've seen other posts on the internet and unfortunately I'm having the same issue. When my computer goes to sleep then wakes up, I generally have to turn my monitor off and on again to get it to work. About half the time I even have to do it two or more times before it starts working. Very frustrating. It's such a gorgeous monitor too. Some stats about my computer: -Video card: XFX R7 260X -Running Windows 8.1 -Using the DisplayPort cable that came with the monitor. The mini side is connected to the monitor. -My UP2414Q is my sole monitor -Does it with DisplayPort 1.2 mode on or off -My old 24" monitor ran fine with no problems on this computer, seems unique to this monitor -I installed the monitor driver for this monitor from the Dell website I would really appreciate some help here. Thanks!
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