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U2414H black screen DisplayPort Lower Setting Applied

I have a dell precision M4800 laptop with docking station and two U2414H monitors.

* Windows7

* AMD FirePro M5100 FireGL V

* I'm using the supplied miniDisplayPort cables that came with the monitor

* The docking station has two ports DP outputs (Video 1 and Video 2)

* I've only tried the miniDisplayPort inputs on the monitor

* The monitor was bought through Dell

One monitor is working perfectly fine, and works with either cable and with either DP output (so I'm assuming that the docking station and cables are fine).

The other monitor however only shows a black screen (this if its plugged in as a single monitor or if I try to add them both together).

Windows displays this warning when it gets plugged in:

Display Port Lower Setting Applied

"The System has detected a problem with the connection between your computer and the DisplayPort display that will prevent you from using the highest resolutions and/or refresh rates."

The monitor shows a black screen and is configured with miniDisplayPort as the Input Source.

If I try to bring up the OSD the following message appears:

"There is no signal coming from your computer. Press any key on the keyboard or move the mouse to wake it up. If there is no display, press the monitor button now to select the correct input source on the On-Screen-Display menu."

I wasn't able to do an reset to factory settings via the OSD, but I was able to toggle the DisplayPort 1.2 setting (based on holding the Menu down for 8 seconds). I tried with it both enabled and disabled for the same result.

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