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E2414H, VGA vs. DVI, and working with a docking station

I installed a new E2414Hr monitor today. It works fine off a laptop using a VGA cable. But I had been running two laptops, a personal and a work laptop, through a docking station, and the old Dell monitor that died (after about 10 years) was all DVI. The docking station only has a DVI female connection. The back of the monitor has both a VGA and a DVI output connection. So I ran a DVI cable into the docking station, and got a notice on the monitor that "VGA cable not attached." So I did run a VGA cable from monitor to laptop, just to see if everything was OK, and it is.

But the problem is that I want to use the docking station. So my question is do I use a VGA cable with a DVI adapter going into the docking station? And if the monitor wouldn't operate without a VGA connection being in, why have a DVI connection built into it to begin with? Would that be for another input, but it works only if the VGA input is installed as well?


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