RE: Neue Revision des U3415W?


das von dir angesprochene Verhalten ist normal. Es sind diesbezüglich keine mir bekannten Änderungen an dem Bildschirm geplant.


"Light leakage on four corners of the screen

The U3415W display has a curved screen providing optimal viewing position from the center of the screen. When testing a display for light leakage, this should be done in normal ambient lighting, this issue should not be inspected in dark room. 

Due to the screen curvature, some corners of the screen may appear to have minimal light leakage, especially when displaying a dark image in a dark room. This is normal monitor behavior for curved screen and typically does not affect overall viewing performance.

All U3415W monitors are inspected per the industry standard, which is with 150 lux ambient lighting (similar to typical office lighting). Any visual inspection should be done in the same manner."

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