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CLI, Vlans on a 2824

1. I'm somewhat used to using 54xx series PowerConnects and up but upon logging in to the 2824 CLI, I noticed several of the commands are missing.  Is the CLI completely different from the 54xx and 62xx series switches or is there some mode I need to be in to access all this?

2. Also, when I run the available 'show tech-support config' command, it runs through the entire configuration but does not pause when the screen fills - it just runs and runs until it is done and I can't scroll up to see the actual configuration info beyond the last section which I really don't need to see.  Is there a way to pause the output or is there a better command?

3. Configuring Vlans: This (the 2824) is the only switch in this network topology, and I just need to create 3 separate Vlans that can't talk to each other (without a a separate layer 3 device).  [On another switch (a 54xx series), comparing configurations, we have each port using the same PVID # assigned as it's Vlan # it belongs to (ex: all Vlan 2 ports are also PVID 2) and Vlan 1 uses the remaining 2 ports (let's say ports 23/24).  Vlan 2 shows its ports (let's say ports 1-10) as untagged ('U') for both 'Static' and 'Current' in the table, and the same, respectively, goes for Vlans 3 (ports 11-15) and 4 (ports 16-22).  Vlan 1 only shows 'U' for 'Current' for ports 23 and 24]  For some reason, on the 2824, Vlan 1 still shows 'U' in 'Current' (but not 'Static') for ports 1-8 which will be used for Vlan 100, and under Vlan 100, it shows 'U' for both Static and Current for those same ports (1-8), which indicates to me that Vlan 1 and Vlan 100 are both using ports 1-8 as untagged, yet I cannot change the 'U' value for Vlan 1.  Is this a problem?  It does not show like this is my other switches, as mentioned.  Again, all I want is a sectioned-off switch (basically 3 separate broadcast domains that operate as three 'dumb' switches).  Any advice on setting this up?

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