DHCP Relay 62xx Switches

I have three 62xx (2-6248 and 1-6224) switches that serve as my core network.  Each switch is in a different building or different floor and they are connected using CX4 or XFP 10GB links.  I am new to VLANs and I am experimenting with a test VLAN at the moment.  Currently everything is in a flat architecture in the native VLAN 1.

For this test I successfully created two VLANs on one 6248 (in the server room) and the 6224 in the downstairs wiring closet.  I put the 10Gb link between the two into general mode and allowed traffic from VLAN 1,40 and 125.  The 6248 in the server room will serve as my layer 3 device to route between the VLANs and I have routing enabled on that switch.  I put one port on the 6224 into access mode on VLAN 40.  I also moved the management VLAN for the 6224 to 125.  If I statically assign an IP address to a test machine connected to the single access port on the 6224, I can ping the gateway interface on the 6248 for both VLANs as well as the management interface of the 6224.  My problem comes in when I try to get DHCP to work on this box.  I can't get my test machine on the access port to get an IP address from our DHCP server.  I have created a scope on that server for that subnet and I have setup the helper-address to point to the DHCP server on the L3 device.

When I look in the logs on the 6248 I see where the DHCP request arrives on VLAN 40 but the switch gives the following error.

DHCP client message received on port 1/0/49 VLAN 40 from client 00:26:b9:d7:c6:ee has seconds field set to 0. Value is less than the minimum 60. Dropping.

What does this mean and how would you go about troubleshooting this?

My DHCP server is on VLAN 1 and I know that the 62xx switches do not route on VLAN 1.  Is that part of the problem or is there a configuration issue here?

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