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The 5524 has the option to enter static routes to an IP address that does not belong to the system are forwarded to a next-hop device. I don't believe it will dynamically route between VLANs though. You would need a router/ fully capable Layer 3 switch for the VLANs to communicate with each other.

You could try the following, it may work. Make sure each VLAN has an IP address assigned to it. Then from the CLI issue the command # ip routing. Then test for connectivity across VLANs.

I don't think the static routes will work for VLAN to VLAN communication. But static routes can be entered in the cli using the command:

# ip route prefix {mask | prefix-length} ip-address [metric distance] [rejectroute]


The following example configures a static route with prefix, prefix

length 16, and gateway

Console(config)# ip route /16

Also in the GUI under System>IP addressing>IPv4 static routes. Page 210 of the user guide.


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