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RE: 2 FN410T in FX2 in VLT-Mode

Yes, I expected the backup-link to be the Management-IP. And I configured one on each of the IOM. And they are both pingable by each other. Than I used the VLT-Mode wich is kinda autoconfiguration. The PO 127 as VLT-Peer-Link is configured and working. But this mode seems not allowing me to configure the VLT-Domain. 

I got the address by a standard "sh run". Here's the vlt-domain part:

vlt domain 1
 peer-link port-channel 127
 back-up destination
 system-mac mac-address 00:01:06:01:02:09
 unit-id 0

I'll have a look at the document you mentioned. Thx. But I suppose I'm not allowed to change this parameter in this mode.

And I thought that VLT is the possibility to have maintenance (incl. a reload) on one of the IOMs without service interruption? And now a reload without any maintenance gives me the interruption!?

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