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Re: N1108 Series -- "Uplink" ports do not forward

Ok, so i solved this problem while waiting for Dell to come back to me.

Its the most stupid thing i have ever seen.

It has to do with green mode....  Apparently green mode is : 

The command enables both
send and receive sides of a link to disable some functionality for power savings
when lightly loaded. Transition to Low Power Mode does not change the link
status. Frames in transit are not dropped or corrupted in transition to and
from Low Power Mode
However, on these Dell 1108 switches, replace "disable some functionality" with  "disable all functionality"
To fix the problem, go to your config  and set  for the two Uplink copper ports  :
interface Gi1/0/9
no green-mode eee
interface Gi1/0/10
no green-mode eee
THAT"S IT !  Only took the better part of a day to discover it by mistake.  Everything works now.
Hope it helps !