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MX9116n FCoE-FC configuration?

We just got the new MX infrastructure, MX7000 chassis, MX740c servers, and MX9116n Fabric Switch Engines. While we will be switching to ethernet based storage later, we still have FC and thus, our plan is to use FCoE on the (esxi-)servers and use forward it as normal FC traffic to our Brocade FC switches on switch port 44 (configured for FC mode 16-4x)

Problem - I know little about FCoE configuration. I found this, but it didn't really help me too much: https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/product-support/product/networking-mx9116n/manuals

Do I need to venture into vFrabric configuration on the MX9116n? what FC feature mode, FPORT? NPG? Do I use FIP? Do I assign the vlan set for FCoE onto the CNA card, or use FIP alone?

Have anyone configured the following "path" and can share some config examples?

MX740c-with-CNA_FCoE <-> MX9116n <-> FC breakout cable 4x16Gb (port 44) <-> Brocade FC-SW <-> FC-Storage

I'm using the switches (two MX9116n) in full-switch mode btw.

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