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LAG on Dell Powerconnect 2824

Hello Guys,

          On Page 104 of the PowerConnect User's Guide I see this Load Balance: Layer 2, Layer 3, Layer 2/3 <- What do each of these mean? How does this affect my choices on the other side of the connection? In this case a NAS with 2 nics to allow for LAG configuration. 

On my NAS I have a Selection of Port Trunking with the following Options:

QNAP_Port_Trunking1.PNGWhich one do I chose?

Now my question is which one of my Dell Side matches the NAS Side? DellPC2824-1.pngWhich one is the LACP or What does the Load Balance mean for Layer 2, Layer 3, or Layer 2/3 <- Is this one the equivalent of 802.3ad? Which one is sufficient enough to do Balance-rr?

These type of things need to be explained in greater detail for us who are not of the expert level.

This is the Users guide (Page 104) definition:

Load Balance — Indicates the load balancing type enabled on the LAG. The possible field values are:
– Layer 2 — Enables load balancing based on static and dynamic MAC addresses.
– Layer 3 — Enables load balancing based on source and destination IP addresses.
– Layer 2-3 — Enables load balancing based on static and dynamic MAC addresses, and source and
destination IP addresses.

Do you see anything pertaining to 802.3ad/LACP or even Balance-rr here in this definition? I sure don't. I just get frustrated when things like this get thrown out there and there is no reference to it and it's assumed I know what this is.



P.S. Please forgive me for my frustration, & my stupid questions. I promise I am trying to learn this as fast as I can and I do thank you guys for putting up with me.



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