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Re: PowerConnect 6248 management IP address

To put the management VLAN on another number, do the following:
Console(config)# vlan database
Console(config-vlan)# vlan 2000 (something you'll never use)
Console(config-vlan)# exit
Console(config)# no ip address
Console(config)# ip address vlan 2000
Console(config)# ip address 192.168.444.444 (or something else you won't use)
Console(config)# ip default-gateway (similiar, something you won't use)
Console(config)# interface vlan 1
Console(config-if)# ip address
Console(config-if)# routing

Routing may be turned on on VLAN 2000 when you create it. If it is, do "no routing" on vlan 2000 interface config.

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