Beware!, the chat reps will say anything to sell you a laptop even lie!

Beware!, the chat reps will say anything to sell you a laptop even lie!


I wanted to order a alienware m17x R3 for my brothers 21st birthday party on the 11th of April. I saw a window popup with chat on it. I clicked it, I wanted to ask how long it would take for dell to send me a laptop to my door. The response I got was 10 to 12 working days (See below). I ordered on the 27th of March and my estimated delivery date is the 18th which is well over what I was promised. I rang multiple times and eventually I was told that the killer 1103 wireless card was out of stock.


I tried to be reasonable I asked could they ship the laptop without the card and ship the card to me later and I could install it myself (Im a dell certified engineer) I was told no. I asked could they change my order to an intel centrino 6300 and I would pay the difference and I was told no its a bundle offer. Then I said fine ship it without the card and I would take the loss of it and I'll get one myself and I was told no!!! I can't think of any other solution. I need the laptop for the 11th and the rep completely screwed me over with he's 10 to 12 days. I think if people knew alienware would take over 3 full weeks to ship an order they would tell them forget about it!


Also I think is very misleading to have a notice at the bottom of the page that states "Laptops shipped in 2 days*" Thats actually a link not a statement! Thats absolutly a joke! That needs to be removed or it should be changed to "Click here for Laptops shipped in 2 days*" I have sent that complaint into a watch dog site.

Dell support are useless! Wasting your breath! I suppose I'll have to cancel my order and maybe get my brother a mac book air. My only consolation is that when the tender comes up for Dell this year in my IT Department I'll be sure they never sell another laptop to us again, lol they'll notice that!



03/23/2012 04:42:47PM Agent (<ADMIN NOTE :Dell Employee name edited per TOU policy>): "Delivery will be within 10 - 12
business days from the date of order."
03/23/2012 04:42:49PM Agent (<ADMIN NOTE :Dell Employee name edited per TOU policy>): "That is the maximum time for delivery.
You can expect delivery within this time, however you will receive an email one
day in advance advising you about the exact date for delivery."
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